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Goodbye, Speaker de Venecia (Updated)

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Should we maintain a death watch?

2/3/2008 10:11 PM ABS-CBN News – Amado Bagatsing of Manila says at least 143 congressmen have committed to sign a manifesto declaring loss of confidence to Speaker Jose de Venecia.

2/4/2008 8:54 AM GMA News – A defiant de Venecia nixes graceful exit, vows to fight on the floor. We are statesmen, not gangsters – heh. Nice shot, JDV.

2/4/2008 9:48 AM ABS-CBN News – JDV is still defiant, claims that congressmen were offered at most Php 1 million each to support his ouster. Yay, congressmen for sale. Lobbyist should stop lobbying and instead start buying congressmen, no?

2/4/2008 10:21 AM GMA News – Administration congressmen start arriving at the Fortress for the caucus to decide on what to do with de Venecia. The Mafia doesn’t engage in talks. If they want to kill, they contract someone to do it.

2/4/2008 1:07 PM GMA News – Another lease of life for de Venecia? Caucus fails to unseat JDV, mini-caucuses to be held tomorrow. Here’s an advice to congressmen: PUT UP OR SHUT UP.


Starting 3PM yesterday, I couldn’t access this site, hence the last update was about the removal apparently wouldn’t materialize yesterday, which it did. Well, you know the rest of the story, so it is indeed goodbye, de Venecia as speaker.

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